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business tips for the residential service contractor

  • Ten Tips Typically Taught Through Training

    Lance Sinclair
    Contributing Writer
    Direct Energy/Success Academy

    Studies show that your words account for only 7% of the message you want to send – the rest – 93% is non-verbal.

    Improving your non-verbal, body language, can make a big difference in your people skills, communication, sales ability, and your mood.

    Heck, it can even get you a date!

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  • 5 Ways to Sleep Better as a Business Owner

    Ellen Rohr
    Contributing Writer
    Bare Bones Biz

     Is tossing and turning at night just a given when you are an entrepreneur?  Business owners often say that they only sleep a few hours a night.  Sometimes it’s a bolt of inspiration at 2 am.  Sometimes (most times?) it’s worry and stress that messes up a good night’s sleep.   I used to wake up wondering how I was going to cover payroll, or what I should do about an employee or customer upset.  I would lie in bed, heart pounding, winding myself up about all kinds of horrible scenarios.  There was nothing to do about any of it until morning, so I would just stew in it.

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  • Phone Hold Time is Selling Time

    Frank Blau
    Contributing Writer

    Is your furnace, boiler or air conditioning on its last leg or costing too much to operate? Then let Blau come up with the solution. Our installation department can replace your present equipment with Space Age technology at down-to-earth prices. Make an appointment today with our customer service assistant who will be with you in just a moment.

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  • Loyalty is not Prejudice!

    Matt Koop
    Contributing Writer
    The New Flat Rate

    For years we as an industry have been focused on one main thing; SALES!  We have worked harder and harder year after year to drive up the average ticket.  So, we trained our team to sell and at the end of the day the average service ticket seamed to hover around the same point (usually within $50 of our billable hour).  Why is this you say? Well, it’s simple really and it has to do with loyalty from our clients. You see your customer does not care if you’re a man or a woman.  They do not care if your red, yellow, black or white.

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  • Great Customer Service is NOT Rocket Science (or Quantum Physics)

    Sean McGorry
    Contributing Writer
    Trainer, Direct Energy/Success Academy

    Do you ever “over-think “things? As Human beings, we naturally tend to be skeptical and think, “It can’t be that simple. If it were, everyone would be doing it”.  It is the nature of that very skepticism that convinces us there has to be a HARDER way to do it in order for it to be done right.

    Maybe it’s the salesperson in me, the trainer, or it could be the fact that I am a firm believer in this: the only things as hard as Rocket Science and Quantum Physics are Rocket Science and Quantum Physics.

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  • Your But's Too Big!

    Jim Hinshaw
    Contributing Writer
    Improvement Professional, President & Sales

    Just finished a great book (Your But’s Too Big) written by pastor Travis Hearn from the Impact Church in lovely Scottsdale AZ.  Full disclosure, May and I have been to his church many times, but his book has applications for all of us, no matter where you are in life.  His message, we can do amazing things in life, but…

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  • How to Convince Lazy People to Work Harder

    Jeff Havens
    Contributing Writer
    The Jeff Havens Company

    If you’re at all like me, then you’ll remember group projects from high school with a mixture of frustration and more frustration. Your history teacher assigned four of you to present a report about the Civil War, and you stayed up late three nights in a row sewing a perfect replica of a Union general’s uniform only to find out that Tony didn’t bother to write his part of the report! So now you’re stuck doing his work for him, which you don’t have time for, or else his laziness is going to drag your grade down. What’s wrong with you, Tony?!?! And why did Mr. Berry force me to work with you in the first place???

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  • Menu's All Over the World

    Rodney Koop
    Contributing Writer
    CEO/Founder, The New Flat Rate

    This past year my wife Karen and I took a trip to Iceland to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We drove four-wheelers, ate overpriced chocolate, and truly had the time of our lives.  Of course, when you travel to Iceland you have to take a dip in one the of infamous hot pools all over the country.  So, we ventured to The Blue Lagoon.  They sell one thing and one thing only, a dip in a huge, and I mean huge geothermal pool which is run off water from a geothermal plant and they sell it with a menu.  Look at the packages and remember they have hot water in a big pool made to look like a volcanic hot tub.

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  • Standards for Success

    Jeff McLanahan
    Contributing Writer
    Direct Energy

    What our businesses do daily is pretty remarkable when you think about it. It’s an enormously complex feat to sell home services and accessories with consistency and safety to thousands of different people, every single month. The training, technology, logistics and expertise required to complete this magic act is the result of decades of systems development, customer research, process refining and good old-fashioned hard work.

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  • 3 Ways to Keep Your Audience's Attention

    Vincent Ivan Phipps
    Contributing Writer
    Communication VIP

    Stop boring your audiences with dull presentations.  Great content can be diminished by poor presentation skills. It is your responsibility as the speaker to ensure your content and presentation are attention worthy!

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