Start, Stop, Do Different

Bill Hogg
Contributing Writer
Bill Hogg & Associates

Many people are familiar with the expression, Start, Stop, Do Different from personal evaluation processes — those regularly scheduled reviews by our supervisor. Management will often use this outline to give us feedback about our performance.

But I also think it should be used more regularly, both personally and with colleagues.

No leader improves without feedback and personal introspection.

So rather than waiting for a formal review by a supervisor, consider asking your colleagues these questions:

1. What should I start doing? What activities or behaviors should add into my daily activities to provide more leadership to my team?

2. What should I stop doing? What behaviors are unproductive or are interfering with my ability to positively influence others?

3. What should I do differently? What can I do differently to lead my team to achieve greater success?

No leader improves without feedback and personal introspection

Lastly, don’t forget to ask what you should keep doing — what behaviors are working and should you continue to demonstrate? In your effort to improve don’t forget to reinforce the positive attributes and behaviors that are working. So be sure to confirm those as well and make sure they don’t get lost in the quest for improvement. After all growth is about building on top of versus replacing.

My Perspective: Whenever I am asked to speak, at the end of every presentation I ask the question, “Beginning tomorrow, what will you Start, Stop, Do Different, as a result of what you have heard today?”

It might be worthwhile asking yourself and others these questions on a more regular basis if you want to become the leader of your dreams.

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