ShuBee® Owner’s Spotlight

This is the fifth installment of how Steve Stone, Master Plumber and ShuBee CEO, propelled his own plumbing company to success.

Literally the next day I started pondering what I could do to fix the problem. I swallowed my pride and realized that I needed to connect with somebody that knew more about the business than I did. I tried calling other plumbing companies to see if they would be willing to share any knowledge they had with me.


No matter how far away from my local area I called they refused to share any information with me. So, I started subscribing to various trade magazines where I ran across an article that mentioned a “success group”.  The name of this particular success group was C2000, now Nexstar Network. After reading the article I became extremely excited about the potential networking opportunities that could come from this. Members of C2000 included some of the top performing HVAC companies in the nation! I knew then that I could network with other companies that are larger than I was and they could help me move my company forward. So, I joined as the 62nd member (there are now over 500 members). It absolutely changed my life.

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