ShuBee® Opens a Second Warehouse in Canada

ShuBee® Opens a Second Warehouse in Canada


ShuBee® Opens a Second Warehouse in Canada

Macon, Georgia
June 17, 2014

As of June 17, 2014, ShuBee® has officially opened their second warehouse in Canada.  The solidification of the warehouse in Canada has opened up the opportunity for ShuBee® to offer their Canadian clients better shipping options and faster delivery.  The warehouse will initially stock three types of the famous ShuBee® Shoe Covers: ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers, ShuBee® SuperBee Shoe Covers, and ShuBee® Armadillo Shoe Covers.

“Due to the growing demand for ShuBee® products in Canada, it was necessary to find a way to provide our clients better shipping costs with a faster turn around time”, says Christy Fiveash, Vice President of Operations for ShuBee®.  This second warehouse will provide ShuBee® with the ability to store at least 5,000 additional square feet of product, resulting in product on hand for a quick delivery to their clients.

ShuBee® is no stranger to growth. Founded in 2000 by Owner and CEO, Steve Stone, in his mother’s garage, ShuBee® has become the leading supplier of professional image products for Service Industry Professionals around the world. The success of ShuBee® products has supported the growth of their clients, resulting in the need for ShuBee® to expand their product offerings and product lines.

Stone recognizes the need for the products ShuBee offers because they are the same products he used to grow his own Plumbing and HVAC Company to 32 trucks.  “”I’m very proud we are now offering our product to so many companies that we haven’t been able to before. With this Warehouse, we are going to be able to offer our clients the ability to grow their businesses without the hassle of added taxes and tariffs and a shipping turn around that will have the product in their hands in days, instead of weeks.”

Now, ten years later, ShuBee® has grown into an internationally recognized brand providing products from Canada to Australia. “I am thankful everyday for the opportunity that has been provided to us through hard work, a strong belief in God and our amazing clients”, Fiveash says “I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.”

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