ShuBee® Launches a Brand New Website

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ShuBee® Launches a Brand New Website

Macon, Georgia
October 6,2014

ShuBee®, a international product development and distribution company based in Macon, Georgia, is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website that will help in better serving their clients. With more products being added to their lineup on a regular basis, ShuBee® needed a site that was more efficient and user-friendly.  The brand new ecommerce store will assist clients in finding and purchasing exactly what they need to help grow their business.

ShuBee® is an industry leader in products, services and solutions that helps service companies grow their business. With more and more products being added to ShuBee’s® lineup, they worked hard to keep the site design clean with a “ShuBee®” feel.

“As we added more and more to our line up, we realized it was getting more difficult to navigate our website. ShuBee® decided to reorganize and redesign our website to make it as easy for our clients to find our services and products” states Christy Fiveash, VP of Operations.

Knowing that the Internet is the next generations purchasing catalog, ShuBee® made sure clients are able to get the information they need as easily as possible.

ShuBee prides themselves on top notch customer service and wanted to make sure they extended that service through their online store.  Along with an easy to navigate website comes an organized ecommerce store that helps you choose the right product for you. ShuBee® updated their online catalog to accommodate and organize their products and added informational pages and comparison tables so that clients will be able to learn and make an educated decision on which ShuBee® product they need.

“I think the new website nailed our objectives and we are SO excited about it. We still would love to provide our clients with some good ole fashion customer service because we understand the value of relationships, but we understand that in today’s world that self service is important to end users” says Fiveash.

The easy to navigate educational and ecommerce store is sure to please everyone. ShuBee® kept their clients in mind during every step of the redesign with their focus staying on what would provide the best experience for their clients. They may have a new online look but clients are sure to receive the same great service they always expect from ShuBee®.


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