Service, Above and Beyond

Danielle Putnam
Contributing Writer
The New Flat Rate

Recently I returned to work after a 6 week maternity leave…as all of you parents know, getting back in the “groove” was a little difficult the first week. So naturally I stopped at Starbucks each morning and splurged on the over-priced coffee as a pick me up, compensating for the lack of sleep. On one such morning, I gladly ordered my coffee and a super large sugary milk and coffee concoction for my brother as well who I was picking up on my way in.

Though I’m still unsure of how it happened, I somehow hit a bump and spilled both coffees all over my car and screamed as the milk seeped into the carpet. We all know how bad spoiled milk smells in a car over a hot summer, it was that fear of the dreaded smell that caused an immediate reaction as I changed directions and headed straight for the car wash.

The salesman pulled out a chart and showed me three options. Neither of the options included cleaning the milk soaked carpet so I frantically asked for an add-on. The salesman kept saying they didn’t do add-on’s any more but he promised to make sure my needs were covered and they would take care of me after I picked an option. I chose the middle option and again asked to confirm they would address my main concern, the milk on the carpet…and again he responded assuring me they would take care of it.

Needless to say, two weeks later there is no sour milk smell and the carpet is clean as a whistle. Although I appreciated the good job they did with the whole car wash, it was when the salesman said, “We are going to take good care of you” that I relaxed and realized they had earned my trust.

Options allowed for an excellent car wash and wiggle room for the service professionals to take their time and really do a good job going above and beyond.

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