ShuBee Owner’s Spotlight

This is the second installment of how Steve Stone, Master Plumber and ShuBee CEO, propelled his own plumbing company to success.

In the beginning, it was just me. I wore two hats. I was going around to restaurants trying to get contracts and at the same time, trying to grow the service side of my business. It was really tough for me and my family. A lot of times I would be coming home to get in bed and my wife was getting up to go to church. But somehow I knew I was heading in the right direction.

I was out hitting the pavement every day trying to grow my business all around. And then, the phone started ringing more and more. I was staying busier and busier. About six months into the business I had to purchase my second truck and hire a second man. I saw I couldn’t handle it myself and I didn’t want my clients to suffer so I took the next logical step.

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