Outbound Calling Generates Inbound Revenue

Make the calls – book the calls – and believe.

Nexstar Master Member Trainer, Dave Boduch of A.J. Danboise Son in Farmington Hill, MI says outbound calling can save jobs. “One job can be saved by booking three extra calls a day.”

At Nexstar’s recent Super Meeting in Austin, Texas, Boduch lead a standing room only session for their members within which he highlighted these operational keys to success with outbound calling:

Keys to Success with Outbound Calling

•Get the service call – if they’re not coming in, go out and get them!

•Convert the call to a sale

•Maximize the call opportunity

Boduch says there are several types of outbound calls, including clean and check, duct cleaning, system Checket-Hanks, Barb, unsold service, new product or service, crossover marketing opportunities, and energy survey and consultation. First and foremost, business owners and managers have to believe that every call is equally important. Secondly, your call center and your techs have to believe that outbound calling is worthwhile. Techs should also make a practice of thanking CSR’s for generating calls.

Implement and drive a process designed to create opportunity.

Here are some tips:

•Create a call board and hang it in a prominent area – design it with a three-day minimum

•Check the callboard everyday, first thing in the morning

•Track results

•Empower CSR’s to get the calls and get a timeline from the customer. Does it have to be today or is tomorrow okay?

•Charge dispatchers with the task of finding out how to get the jobs done

“Call scripts can be beneficial,” says Boduch because of ease, consistency, clarity, and assurance of a certain level of service. It’s important to listen closely to the customer and make sure we can meet the call schedule.

And, by the way, if customers are on the Federal Do Not Call list and you haven’t spoken with them in five years, don’t call them!


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