How To Create A Profitable Business Plan

Ellen Rohr
Bare Bones Biz
Contributing Writer

(Macon, GA)   Did you think you would be further along in your business than you are now? Business can be a path to prosperity and freedom.  Or it can be a grind – too much to do for too little to show for it.  Are you ready to get focused, get going and get profitable?  A simple, flexible business plan – and an easy way to implement it – can help you realize the dream that caused you to “hang up your shingle” in the first place. That’s why Small Business Expert, Ellen Rohr is hosting her powerful and popular webinar series The Challenge, starting September 18th, 2011.

Ellen Rohr is the wife of a Plumber, and knows how it feels to wake up wondering how to make Payroll.  A columnist for The Buzz, PHC News and other trade magazines, she helps contractors (and their spouses) keep track of the money, increase cash flow and get profitable.  She is a Business Expert for Make Mine a Million, the American Express sponsored program supporting women-owned businesses.

The September date will be the first part of eight total seminars with the others taking place every Tuesday. Each online seminar is expected to last one hour.

Rohr already has held seven Challenge sessions and has since added additional features to add to the experience. Participants will also receive The Complete Suite. The Complete Suite is Ellen’s awesome toolbox of books, forms, systems and checklists. Ellen will be your trail guide and hold you accountable in building your business plan.  It is always simpler to jump on a trail with a trail guide and compass rather than finding your way through on your own. The Challenge program is designed to help business owners build a working business plan.

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