Embrace Your Role as Coach: Track Performance

Rob Buckley
Contributing Writer
Nexstar Network

It is up to the coach, or in our case, it is up to us as owners, to define the goal, set the training schedule and guide the results of our business. Too often, I talk to the independent owner and I hear, “I am not a trainer,” or “I get my team together once a month and review performance,” or “I don’t think I have the right guy so I will just look for someone else.” Do you see any flaws in those statements? Often I find the owner, or coach has lost his vision for the team by allowing the day-to-day operations get in the way of following a system designed for performance.

To measure your company’s progress toward the goal, you have to track performance, or keep score. Determining who to train or what training to provide can be a simple process if you have a comprehensive scoreboard. Some actions have more impact than others when reaching for a goal. Identify what you need to measure, then determine an appropriate training schedule, and discipline yourself to hold your team accountable for results. Coaching in our industry can be simplified into four specific steps:

  • Identify key benchmarks for each department.
  • Seek out the best training and retention practices for improving those benchmarks
  • Develop your scorecard and a process for tracking each team member’s performance.
  • Post the results for the entire team, so everyone knows how close you are to reaching your goals.


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Rob Buckley is a business coach for Nexstar Network®. In his role, Rob is passionate about guiding independent contractors to achieve success. Rob has spent 20 years driving revenue growth and providing visionary leadership in highly competitive markets with leading PHCE franchise operators.

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