The Best Time of the Year

Jim Hinshaw
Contributing Writer
Improvement Professional, President & Sales

So I realize this may reach you after the holidays, but I just obtained this information, wanted to share it.  Never too late to start planning for next year.

What are you going to do this year to help the community you are serving?  Just saw a FaceBook post that Mark Stepowoy’s company in Cleveland bought 176 turkeys anonymously through a charity to those in need, they were all living outside their service area.  Chas Roberts in Phoenix is again collecting toys for needy families in the area, last year they donated almost 300 toys.  Looking for that number to grow this year.   MP Heating and Air Conditioning in Portland did a toy drive, got enough gifts for over 150 families.  Randy Kelly with On Time Experts in Dallas installs a new HVAC system and water heater for Christmas.  Scott Woodward bought $1000 worth of food for their local church, they do a food program for elementary school kids.  Parker and Sons in Phoenix has supported the Special Olympics for years, raising money and participating in local events.

Peter Levi, owner of Peter Levi Plumbing and HVAC gave away 800 turkeys Thanksgiving week, his 6th annual turkey giveaway.  GM Noujaim with Tropical Heating and Air in Irvine, CA adopted a family for both a holiday meal and gifts for their 4 children. Victor Rancour with Absolute Airflow is doing a toy drive and giving out a system for Christmas, put together a radio ad looking for a family.  Scott Merritt with Fire and Ice in Ohio did a turkey drive, got the company involved.  Donley Service Center gave a $2500 donation to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Arizona.  Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing supports Amanda Hope Angels, Diamonds Children Medical Center in Tucson, Sunrise Children’s hospital in Las Vegas as well as donating tools to Veteran HVAC students.

Perhaps the most unusual show of giving back is from Nathan Cooper, whom I quote:

We give back all year. We employ women from underprivileged areas in the Philippines. One of them we helped to get full custody of her child when her ex-partner was abusive. I had to write a letter to the local government. Another supports her entire family from our salary. We pay for travel for them and maternity leave etc. These are not compulsory as they don’t have employment regulations there.

Some of us did not go the typical route, Karl Ferry with Payless Services in Houston paid for a child’s funeral.  His words, just couldn’t let that family worry anymore.

Got most of this information from FaceBook, so if I left someone out, or misspelled your company name, please forgive.

My point, this time of year is a great time to think of others.  Some of your friends or neighbors may be experiencing a season without a family member for the first time.  Maybe a son or daughter or mom or dad, grandparents or extended family, the pain can be really harsh at the holiday season.  Reach out to be sure everyone on your radar screen has someone to share the holidays with.  We actually asked our Starbucks barista today how she was going to spend Thanksgiving, her answer was surprising.  She has family in California, but not going home, said she was one of the employees who was going to work so others could be with family.  Told her we would stop by Thanksgiving morning to share the day with her.

So, as I have said in the past, look for ways to give back this season.  Visit a hospital, nursing home, or just be aware in your neighborhood, see if someone seems left out.  Then let them know you care, spend some time helping them get through the holidays.  You will be blessed.

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