ShuBee® Durasole® Shoe Cover
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ShuBee® Durasole® Shoe Cover

Product Code: C SB SC DURASOLE

  • Upper material is polypropylene/polyethylene blend
  • Shoe covers are splash resistant
  • Sewn rubber sole for ultimate durability
  • Fits up to a size 16 work boot


$126.00 /CASE
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ShuBee® is constantly redefining the shoe cover market. We refuse to deny that our clients’ needs are constantly changing because change is a part of growing. Our journey of being the #1 provider of boot and shoe protection began with redefining expectations by providing larger, universal, extremely durable options. We began by taking the most common shoe covers on the market that were made from polypropylene and made them thicker and in various colors with the creation of our ShuBee® Original Shoe Covers. Next, clients needed a waterproof option so we created the ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers. We took advice from our most safety conscience clients and created our skid resistant polypropylene option- the SuperBee®. But we didn’t stop there.

We began our journey of the development of our DuraSole® Shoe Covers when we received a request to create a product that was the ultimate in anti-skid resistance. A client was looking for a product that would offer protection from slipping while wearing shoe covers in a fast food kitchen. If you have ever been in a restaurant kitchen, you know just how slippery the floors can get. It was a challenge to say the least, but we began researching and ultimately created the ShuBee® Durasole® Shoe Cover.

Our DuraSole® Shoe Cover was constructed with a rubber sole. That’s right, a rubber sole. We knew nothing would provide the most skid resistance better than rubber. Next, we selected a bonded material that would provide splash resistant. We wanted the material to be able to stand up against any fluids or other wet contaminants that it may come in contact with during use. This exclusive material is much like the Tyvek® material seen on the market. The combination created the “Cadillac” of all shoe covers- the ShuBee® Durasole®.

We quickly realized that there were many demands for this type of disposable boot cover. Many extreme safety conscience clients began to pick up the DuraSole® once they realize just how amazing there were. In fact, even though we didn’t intend for them to be reusable, clients found out that they could get several uses out of the Durasole®. We even had one client tell us that they washed their Durasole® Shoe Covers in a washing machine! What disposable shoe cover can go through a wash and still maintain its construction and durability?


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