ShuBee® Blue Floor Treatment™

SKU: D SB BFM 24_Group
  • Designed specifically for hard surfaces like linoleum, tile, marble, etc.
  • Not for use on hardwood floors – see our Poly Sheeting Rolls or Hard Surface Protection Film
  • Highly visible blue color so your clients notice
  • Protect hard surfaces from dirt and grime
  • Will not transfer color to surfaces
  • Each box contains an EZ Trim Tool for easy cutting
  • Sizes available in 24″ x 200′ or 36″ x 200′.



Why so glum, chum? Don’t be blue, ShuBee’s® got just the product to protect your client’s expensive ceramic and marble surfaces. ShuBee™ Blue Floor Treatment® is perfect for those hard surfaces that could get all scuffed up when you’re doing work, son. Minimal damage means maximum moolah. We think that’s what you’re going for, isn’t it?

Just like all the other awesome products ShuBee® has, The Blue Floor Treatment™ shows your clients you are willing to protect what’s important to them, by rolling out our surface protection film. That’s how to keep ‘em coming back for more. Turn that frown upside down. You’re clients will love you for this!

Not for use on hardwood floors – for this application please try our Surface Liner or BeeArmor®.


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