CX-3 Multisurface Protection
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CX-3 Multisurface Protection

Product Code: D SB MPF200

• Multi-surface protection film clings to any & all surfaces
• Leaves no residue on surfaces
• No adhesive makes it a long-lasting solution
• Repositionable for convenience
• CX-3 Multi-surface protection film comes in 24” x 200’ and 24” x 50' rolls

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Protect everything with CX3 Multi Surface Protection Film! CX-3 Multi Surface Protection Film can cover any surface. Spare yourself the frustration and never buy separate products for multi-surface protection again.

This stick-back floor protection film works on any surface and leaves absolutely no residue. We like to think of it as the PROTECT ALL film of the century! With no adhesive added to the floor protection film, there is no risk of leaving it on too long. The stick-back floor protection film works on a variety of surfaces including granite, stone, hardwood, carpet, tile, glass, laminate, etc. This all-purpose floor protection film can be used on any jobsite and is repositionable for longer use. So, in essence, it will cover all areas of the jobsite; floors, walls, countertops, windows, walkways and carpet. Just about anywhere you can think to use it, CX3 will work!

Contractors are often forced to buy bulky cardboard and blanket-like materials to protect surfaces because so many protective films and wraps use residue-transferring adhesives or are made to protect only one specific type of surface. These products are expensive and their weight and bulk can make your work difficult on a jobsite. CX3 Multi Surface Protection Film protects with a super strong barrier you can trust to hold up to your work. These Multisurface protection rolls are reverse-wound for fast application.

CX3 Multisurface Protection solves all worries of adhesive residue transfer because there is no adhesive. It also uses a state-of-the-art suction-cup like technology that safely and securely clings to and protects surfaces. It will not pull up delicate finishes when used on hardwood or stone.

There is no risk of leaving the film on a surface too long. This stick-back floor protection film can be safely left on for the entire duration of your projects, regardless of how long they last! CX3 Multisurface Protection can also be repositioned any time during your jobs.

CX-3 Multisurface Protection is available in 24” x 200’ and 24” x 50’ rolls.

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