Bio-Clean® Mixing Cup
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Bio-Clean® Mixing Cup

Product Code: D SB BIOCUP

  • Mixing Instructions for Bio-Clean® 
  • Includes lid
  • Made in the USA
BIO-CLEAN® is also available through ShuBee.
Sold to licensed plumbers only. 

    $1.02 /EACH
    • Availability: In stock
    The Bio-Clean® Enzyme Sewer Cleaner Mixing Cup provides all the information your tech needs on how to mix and apply Bio-Clean® to a system! It can even be filled with the specified amount of Bio-Clean® and sold individually this way by the licensed service professional in his or her storefront! Bio-Clean® is the friendly bacteria and enzymatic drain cleaner! It's not just another story! Bio-Clean® is a safe blend of bacteria and enzymes that help keep drains and plumbing clean. It is safe and does not boil or create heat or fumes. It attacks only organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton, and sewage and changes them into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system! Bio-Clean® enzymatic drain cleaner is effective within one hour of application. Use the Bio-Clean® Enzyme Sewer Cleaner Mixing Cup for all commercial and residential sewer applications, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, tubs, showers, laundry drains, garbage disposals, septic tanks, RV and boat holding tanks, sewage ejector pumps, lift stations, and even cat litter boxes! Available to Licensed Professionals. Call for ordering details.
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