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ShuBee® SuperBee® Shoe Covers

Product Code: C SB SC BEE 289

• Keep client’s floors clean and dirt free
• Tough Tread® technology
• Non-Slip Shoe Covers Offer Superior Coverage and Protection
• Polypropylene top allows for a flexible elastic opening from toe to heel
• Polyethylene bottom provide superior traction
• Fits up to a size 18
• Each dispenser box contains 40 pair/80 shoe covers
• Each case contains 120 pair/240 shoe covers
• Available in four colors - orange, hot rod red, midnight blue and camouflage 
• This product is included in our BeeWear® line

  • $32.95 /BOX
Code Color Availability Quantity
C SB SC BEE 289 Midnight Blue Not available  
C SB SC BEE 185 Hot Rod Red Not available  
C SB SC BEE 151 Orange Not available  
C SB SC BEE CAMO Camouflage Not available  

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO! It’s ShuBee’s® SuperBee®  Shoe Covers, here to save the day! 

These super strong grime fighters are here to lead dirty boots to justice. ShuBee® SuperBee®  Shoe Covers feature a polypropylene top with elastic seams help you change into your super-wear faster than Clark Kent. The polyethylene bottom offers more stability than he can provide a falling building. Make sure your Service Technicians are prepared for even the toughest jobs with ShuBee® SuperBee®  Shoe Covers!

The ShuBee® SuperBee® Shoe Covers are part of our BeeWear® line and available in Midnight Blue, Orange, Hot Rod Red and Camouflage. Each dispenser box holds 80 individual, or 40 pairs of shoe covers. One case contains three dispenser boxes for a total of 240 individual or 120 pairs of non-slip shoe covers. These dispenser boxes can easily be stored in tight places like work trucks or phone booths, for easy availability on every job.

ShuBee® is constantly redefining the shoe cover market. We refuse to deny that our clients’ needs are constantly changing because change is a part of growing. Our journey of being the #1 provider of boot and shoe protection began with redefining expectations by providing larger, universal, extremely durable options with convenient packaging. We met those criteria in the floor save market with our ShuBee® Original and ShuBee® Waterproof shoe covers. Even though both of those options met those criteria and provided skid resistant tread, we began research and developing the ultimate in skid resistance. ShuBee® SuperBee® Shoe Covers are the ultimate for the anti-skid conscience client.

We kept the Original cloth-like construction and added a layer of extreme tread to the bottom of the sole of the floor savers. These booties have a special layer of Tough Tread® Technology. This allows you to get all the benefits of our Original Shoe Covers- one size fits all, easy application, extreme durability and convenient packaging- as well as the MOST skid resistance you will find on the boot cover market.

Home trends are constantly changing. Carpet used to be the norm in most homes and now we see more hard wood, tile, marble, stained concrete and laminate options. The material most booties are made of tend to grab all dust found on hard surfaces and can sometimes cause the tread to not work as intended. Sort of acts like a Swifter™ sheet, gathering all dust and debris it encounters. We knew it was time to create a product that could withstand the “Swifter™ Effect” and the outcome was the creation of the ultimate in Skid Resistance- ShuBee® SuperBee® Shoe Covers.

If safety and branding are your top priority when choosing a boot cover than the SuperBee®  is a great choice. These floor savers offer extreme tread with skid- resistant capabilities unlike anything else you will find on the market. Feel free to give us a call to request a sample pair. We know you will be impressed.

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