ShuBee’s® The Money-Maker Pill®
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ShuBee’s® The Money-Maker Pill®

Product Code: D SB LDKITS

  • Detect water leaks in toilets
  • Easy tool for add-on sales
  • 2 tablets per kit
  • Made in the USA
  • $0.87 /PACK
    • Availability: In stock

    The Money-Maker Pill® is manufactured specifically for plumbing add-on sales and fostering customer loyalty by showing you care about their home and water bill! It is an easy way to see if a toilet tank is leaking. Just drop a toilet tank leak detection tablet in, wait 15 minutes, and if the toilet bowl water begins to turn blue that means the tank is leaking!

    ShuBee’s® Money-Maker Pills® 2-Pack contains 2 toilet leak dye tests per packet and valuable instructions that explain to the homeowner how much money they can save by fixing leaks and how to use the dyes to test toilets themselves. Always give your business card with these plumbing dye tablets at the end of the job so that if a customer does find a future leak they can give you a call!

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