ShuBee® Toilet Tag®
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ShuBee® Toilet Tag®

Product Code: D SB STT 250

• Unique marketing tool
• Display your name and phone number inside the toilet tank
• Keep your clients out of the phone book and search engines
• Does not interfere with inner workings of the toilet
• Custom printed for your business
• 500 toilet tags for ONLY $475. That's only $.95 each
• 1000 toilet tags for ONLY $734. That's only $.73 each
• 2000 toilet tags for ONLY $1435. That's only $.72 each

$266.00 /PACK
    • PACK
This kit contains:
  • ShuBee Toilet Tag®, Blank (x 250)
  • Custom Pad Printing (x 250)

The first thing a person does when their toilet doesn’t flush is take the lid off the tank. Whether they have any knowledge of the complex inner workings of todays sophisticated toilet technology or not, that is natural response numero uno. Well, they can’t fix their own toilet, but they can find someone who can with a ShuBee® Custom Red Toilet Tag®.

You see, ShuBee®’s custom toilet marketing tags are like little billboards that you put in a client’s toilet, so when they lift up that lid trying to see what’s the matter your logo and number is all up in their face on a bright red background. “Oh no! Who should I call? Maybe these guys that left their phone number in my toilet.” Darn right you call the guys that left their phone number in your toilet. Be those guys. Leave your phone number in everyone’s toilet with a ShuBee®’s custom toilet marketing tags.

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