Frank Blau® Valve Tags Full Color
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Frank Blau® Valve Tags Full Color

Product Code: D SB FB CVT

• Attach valve tags to all appliances to brand your business
• Free custom design
• Full color custom laminated tags
• 3.5" x 2"
• 20PT plastic opaque white
• Quantities of 1000

$0.45 /EACH
    • EACH
This kit contains:
  • Custom printed 20PT White Plastic Cards with 1 / 8' Round Corners (x 1)
  • Hole Punching & Packing (x 1)
  • Cable ties, Black 8" 1000 / bag (x 1)

You know what blows our mind? The fact that people don’t call the same guys that last worked on a piece of equipment to service that same equipment. Come on, you know what’s up, you worked on it before, and you probably have the service history on file, but for some reason you lose that job to the biggest font in the phone book. Don’t lose a job to a font. Our plastic valve tags make it so easy for your clients to find you that they don’t even need to crack a phone book. Zip tie one of Frank Blau’s® custom valve tags to anything that might need servicing down the road and be right in front of your clients. Call for pricing and to place order 877-974-8233!

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