Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub
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Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub

Product Code: D SB CROCCL PS

  • Removes the stickiest and greasiest of messes
  • Scrubbing side is textured to scour through tough messes
  • Smooth side wipes away messes and polishes surfaces
  • Highly absorbent material holds onto mess
  • Ideal for tough jobs with tough messes
  • 15” x 10” scrubbing wipes
  • Original Crocodile Cloth® also available
  • 80 cloths per pack
$19.49 /EACH
  • Availability: In stock

Let’s face it – workplace messes are bound to happen. For your stickiest, gunkiest messes you need a cloth that can stand up to the job. You need the Crocodile Cloth® Power Scrub!

The Crocodile Cloth® Power Scrub is a disposable cloth with an extra-cleaning formulation that will remove even the stickiest and greasiest of messes. The cloth includes two sides. The scrubbing side of the cloth is textured to scour through dried-on grease and grime on hands, tools, and surfaces. After scrubbing your messes, switch over to the smooth side to wipe away any excess gunk and polish your surface until it’s shining like new.

Just like the Original Crocodile Cloth®, the Crocodile Cloth® Power Scrub cloths are made of low-lint, non-woven, highly absorbent materials that pick up and hold onto dirt, grease and grime like a microfiber cloth. And they’re still gentle on your skin. The scrubbing wipes measure 15” x 10” to make cleanup fast and easy. 

The Crocodile Cloth® Power Scrub is ideal for a wide range of applications and non-scratch on most surfaces. The cloths are prefect for service professionals, factory and fabrication shops, contractors and builders, maintenance and repairs, as well as mechanics. It also perfect for around the garage and cleaning up Do It Yourself (DIY) tough home messes.

It’s a messy world out there. Clean it up with Crocodile Cloth® Power Scrub. Order your 80 pack of scrubbing wipes now! Original Crocodile Cloth® also available

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