Cleanliness and safety are everyone's number one priority these days, and it shouldn't be any different on the job.

Show your clients the extra steps you're willing to take to protect them with any of these ShuBee® PPE safety products. Not only do these products help prevent the spread of messes, but they also help prevent cross-contamination. 

Keep your clients, your employees, and yourself protected with ShuBee®.



ShuBee® Original Shoe Cover
ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers
ShuBee® HydroShield™ Coverall
ShuBee® Surface Liner
  • $99.94 /ROLL
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  • Out of Stock
ShuBee® BeeArmor®
Face Mask
  • $14.95 /BOX
  • Availability: In stock
C.A.R.E Kit
  • $21.72 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: In stock
AllShield Hand Sanitizer