Successful People Support the Success of Others.

Vincent Ivan Phipps
Contributing Writer
Communication VIP Training and Coaching

Stop making New Year’s Resolutions promising to focus more on yourself.  Instead, channel that energy towards supporting others.

Be honest, how do you feel when you see others accomplishing their dreams and goals? Are you disappointed, jealous, angered, or motivated?

A “hater” is a term used to describe someone who says negative comments about others who are doing well.  Don’t be a hater!  Be a congratulator!  Be the type of person who is happy and supportive of the success of others.

When you are unable to be happy for others, it reflects your own insecurity. When others hate on you, they do not really hate you.  The truth is, their negative feeling has nothing to do with your accomplishment.  The negativity that pessimistic people project is more about their awareness of their lack of effort.

Do the following to show support to others:

1.    Point out significant accomplishes with specific results.
2.    Tell others how their efforts and contributions have positive impacts.
3.    Share the success of others by saying or sending complimentary messages.

A successful, determined, focused, and disciplined person is happy for another who makes the commitment to be greatness, because excellence recognizes excellence.  In this New Year, make a commitment to be supportive for others and encourage them to be successful.

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