ShuBee® Owner’s Spotlight

This is the sixth installment of how Steve Stone, Master Plumber and ShuBee CEO, propelled his own plumbing company to success.

At the second meeting ever of C2000, now Nexstar, I met some of the greatest trades people that I’ve ever met: Frank Blau, George Brazil, Jack Tester, Jim Hamilton, Tim McGuire, Maurice Mayo, Bill Bradley, Ellen Rohr, Steve Andrews and Mike Diamond to name just a few. The majority of these business owners were running 50+ trucks, some over 100 trucks. I learned so much valuable information over the next 8 years that would forever change how I ran my business and my life.

One of the most important things I learned from C2000 was how to price my services. I finally understood what it actually cost me to run a business. It was at that point that I increased my hourly rate from $50/hour to $125/billable hours. Over time, my rate increased up to $195/billable hours. This decision changed the outlook of my company drastically. I initially lost a few customers after the increase, which I think is the main reason many companies still charge way too little for their services. But think about it, in actuality I wanted my competition to have those customers. My competition had to work twice as hard as I did to get to get paid the same amount. It was a foreign concept at the time but so simple and made perfect sense.

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