Leaving A Great Impression

Stephanie Barney
Contributing Writer
Spark Service Academy

Your personal image leaves a lasting impression. Why is that?

When we experience something, the human brain takes a picture of it. That picture gets stored in your brain, and when we are in a situation where we need to remember how to do something, our brain retrieves that picture.

So, when a customer has a plumbing or electrical problem, that individual’s brain retrieves the picture of what it was like ‘the last time’ – to help them know how to proceed ‘this time’. That picture may be a memory of a great service experience, or not. If the last company left a bad impression, you will have to break through that skepticism and doubt immediately to build trust and credibility. That means you need to create a new picture in their mind of what great service looks like.

You only have about ten seconds at the door to make a good impression and erase any preexisting judgements about ALL service people.  This is the reason that so many companies think uniforms, nametags, shoe covers, and wrapped/branded vehicles are important.  There is no way to demonstrate your trade knowledge and expertise in ten seconds, so it is all about how you present yourself. If you are lucky, the customer service representative in your office has set the stage for you with a professional phone experience.

Now, its up to the technician to follow through in an equally professional manner. If you leave a fantastic impression, your customer will call you every time for a repeat performance.

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