Are You Looking At Me?

Matthew Akins
Contributing Writer
Direct Energy/Success Academy

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I wouldn’t let that person tie my shoe!”

We, as people, have that shallow side of judging people initially by the way they look. If we judge people based on appearance, is it possible your customers are judging you and your technicians as well? The answer is yes!

Attend a professional net-working meeting anywhere in the world. Your colleagues seated around you will bring new ideas, strong motivation, and their own personal experiences. If you look around you will see successful people projecting their positive desire to look the absolute best they can. This is one of the reasons they are at the top. When employees are satisfied with their appearance, they are highly inclined to deliver not only good service but an extraordinary experience to your customers.

Within the first thirty seconds after meeting someone they start to form an opinion about you. A professional image can help get you more than half-way to making a positive first impression and discovering the door to personal and professional success. The HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades are a highly arduous industry that depend on employees to close sales and deliver services to customers. The service technician’s uniform is an element for customers to gauge a contractor’s operation because uniforms are a part of the contractor’s image and an extension of trade services.

Uniforms are the forefront of a company, a symbol of company vision, and an indispensable avenue for a company to prompt its professional services and quality. Clients use different methods to gauge the service quality and make a final consideration of the organization. Employee uniforms offer one of the first impressions that clients get when they use your company. Uniforms are not just employee working suits. They also influence the look of the entire trade organization. Company uniforms and personal appearance typically establish an important component of a contractor’s brand identity. In other words, uniforms and professional appearance are part of the contractor’s image and an extension of the trade services. A well-designed attractive uniform can make an affirmative statement about your company and can absolutely overhaul your image.

Only when employees are content with their appearance, can they deliver good service to your clients. Career clothing in general, and the uniform in particular, can assist to convey a variety of company goals and objectives. Inappropriate uniforms convey to clients that the company is careless and inefficient. In addition, technicians and employees tend to fail at performing jobs correctly when they wear ill-fitting uniforms. Employees who dislike their uniform owing to color, style or fit can have an adverse influence on client satisfaction engagement. Technician and employee appearance plays a role in preserving morale and building self-esteem. Employees’ and technician’s self-perception about their work attire or image can be a factor in attitudes while providing services to clients.

A professional image suggests that employees and clients perceive that uniforms and image plays an important role in enhancing employee job satisfaction and performance and a customers’ perception of a contractor’s image.

Employee uniforms may affect a contractor’s long-term business profit. It is up to you to provide clarity to your staff to make the most professional presentation. This will give you a big advantage over your competition.


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