ShuBee® has been serving the service professionals since 2000 with high quality products made specifically for tough jobs. Our owner and CEO, Steve Stone, saw a need for personal protection products made specifically for his technicians when he owned his own plumbing and HVAC company. After he sold that company, he and his brother Mann decided the need was great enough and ShuBee® started out of their mother's garage. Almost 20 years later, ShuBee® prides itself on supplying professional surface protection products, shoe covers, and more made specifically for the service industry to make sure you can do your job better!

ShuBee’s® Mission:

To be the industry leader in products, services and solutions that transform the way service companies maintain and grow their business, with a commitment to establishing partnerships and encouraging continual improvement in the workplace with integrity.


ShuBee’s® Motto:

"We are Service Professionals serving Service Professionals.” 


ShuBee’s® Basics:

  1. Our mission statement is the principle belief of our Company. It must be known, owned and exercised by all. 

  2. The HIVE is the foundation of ShuBee's® client satisfaction. These standards must be used in every interaction to ensure satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

  3. Our motto is "We are Service Professionals serving Service Professionals." As service professionals, we treat our clients and each other with respect.

  4. Change signifies growth. Growth leads to success. As a team member I will embrace changes and challenges. 

  5. The HIVE is responsible for creating and nurturing an environment of teamwork. We all commit to motivate and encourage each other to reach our full potential both personally and professionally.

  6. To create a pleasant and enjoyable workplace, we have the right to be involved in the planned of the work that affects us.

  7. I am empowered.I am capable of presenting solutions that transform problems into opportunities. 

  8. We are committed to ensuring all NewBees have the tools and support to be successful HIVE members.

  9. Never lose a client. Instant client satisfaction is my responsibility. If I receive a complaint I will own it, resolve it to the client’s satisfaction and communicate it to the appropriate person(s).

  10. I will answer the phone within three rings and with a smile. Our clients will always hear my smile.

  11. I will be an ambassador of ShuBee® in and outside of the workplace. I will be authentic. I will be transparent. I will always make sure my words are in line with my actions. 

  12. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Mind your own beeswax.

  13. The only difference between a good and bad day is my attitude. I will be positive and train my mind to see the good in every situation. 

  14. The HIVE is our home. We will protect it and maintain it. 

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The ShuBee HIVE:

H – Honor

We honor God in all we do.
Honor our word – satisfaction guaranteed, no matter what.
Honor our client, understand we are employed by our clients, not our company.

I – Integrity

Making only agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep.
Treating others only as you want to be treated.
Taking the time to do it right the first time.

V – Value

We understand the needs of our clients & exceeding their expectations, both expressed & unexpressed.
Every relationship is invaluable, starting with our employees.
Quality products, price and service.

E – Excellence

Service Professionals serving Service Professionals.
Challenge & encourage each other.
Constantly striving to increase value in our products and service.