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We love our customers as much as they love us!

"Just wanted to let you know we received the new business cards and they look GREAT! You and your design department did a fabulous job!  It was nice working with you through this process and will recommend you and Shubee to my associates.

Thanks again for a Job well done..."
George Spear
Spear Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your newsletter for residential service contractors. Even though I am part of a franchise that helps me grow my business, your newsletter always has great information that either reinforces what I have heard or reveals a new fresh angle to handling the issues in our industry. With all that free information I can't help but feel obligated to purchase some items from you. Keep it up please!"
Mark Wegiel
Mr. Appliance of Southeast CT

"Tamiko is awesome to work with. She is very helpful, follows up with me to see if i received the items, she calls and checks to see if i am ready for more product. Very kind, funny person. I love working with her. Thanks Tamiko!!"
Drain Solvers

"A quality product."
JD Plumbing

"After I ordered my product from ShuBee, one of your customer service reps called me (unfortunately I can't recall her name) and she was very informative, helpful, pleasant and helped me save even more money. Then she called again to make sure I was completely satisfied with the order, which we are."
A. Bourque

"I just read the Spring 2010 Vol. 3 issue [of The Buzz]. I especially like the down to earth contributing writer articles. They are quick and they don't dance around. Thank you Mr. Stone, 'The Buzz'  is quite a publication."
Guy E. Greco
Creco & Haines, Inc.

"Always friendly, upbeat and ready to help. Material arrives in a timely manner and we are satisfied with the product."

"All of the employees at Shubee are very knowledgable and friendly. They always take care of our order in a timely manner and we will continue to order from them for years to come."
Handyman Connection

"Everytime I give Shu-Bee an order I know they will send me exactly what items I had ordered and in as timely a fashion as possible!!!!!! Tamiko is definitely well above average in this field. BUT, CAN SHE COOK & BAKE ?????"
Bruce Niven
Unique Indoor Comfort

"Very easy order process, and received the product in a timely manner and in good condition."
North Star Plumbing

"Outstanding service. Prompt delivery. I am a very happy customer!"
Denise Twaddle

"I just wanted you to know that I very much enjoy the articles in your newsletter. I find myself printing them off and putting them in my husband's mail to read. Thank you!
J & R Heating

"Of course, ShuBee is there for me when I need you with the best line of client service products as always. I just wanted to say THANKS for the newsletters. Automatic Co is growing well, and thanks to help from Ellen Rohr we are still hiring. We are in the process of creating our own client e-newsletter, and ShuBee's letter is the benchmark we set our standard by. If we are going to send customers an e-newsletter, it should be done the way ShuBee does. Valuable, and helpful information, centered on helping the client; not just selling more stuff. Of course the selling more stuff is super important, but the value you provide in your letters is what keeps me from unsubscribing from the list. I believe this is a critical approach, and my employees are required to read your letter every time it comes. The interval at which you send is nice too; not too often to be a pain, but often enough that I never for get you and I am grateful you are there. Thanks ShuBee! You help my business grow!"
Bo DeAngelo
The Automatic Co.

"I received the “The Buzz” and enjoyed the articles.  Frank Blau is a classic and helped fine tune our business 20 yrs ago.   I would like to complement you for your articles that help to educate business owners and leaders.   That has been lacking in the past few years.  Keep up the good work."
Joe Ranck
Rank Inc.

"Thank you for these newsletters, especially the last two. Most of us are excellent tradesmen but exceedingly poor businessmen which, of course, has resulted in the current state of our industry. How I wish that my Dad had information like this in years gone by. His life would be so much different now. Mine would be, too, because he taught me everything he knew about the trade. Sadly, he just wasn't educated well enough in these matters. Thanks again for doing this, though. It is making a difference!"
Stephen R. Hutson
Owner/General Manager
Mister Sparky, "America's On-Time Electrician"

“I like the way they answer the phones.”
P & G Pest Control

“Great service, great products!”
Sink Plumbing & Electrical

“It’s always a pleasure talking with ShuBee.”
Champlain Electric

“We’ve used other rugs from uniform companies before, but they were too bulky and the weekly cost was high. The ShuBee Red Rugs are a much more economical solution.”
Mr. Plumber

“Whenever we used a drop cloth we always seemed to take the dirt and bacteria from one house to the next. Our customers really appreciate The Red Carpet Treatment we give them now.”
Green Plumbing

“We have always told our customers that we give red carpet service. Now we really can and they always remember The Red Carpet Treatment.”
Mr. Plumber

“The sea of yellow Irving bags made quite an impression at the Manchester Home Show. They were definitely a hit! Many people were looking for our booth hoping to get a bag, and of course they left smiling…bright yellow Irving bag in hand, now knowing who we are and what services we provide. Even other vendors came to our booth to congratulate us on the marketing idea, and letting us know the positive feedback from attendees.”
Danielle Hogan

“…I was seeing bags walking down Elm St. Saturday afternoon! I had people searching us out just looking for those bags. It was a great idea and I can’t wait to see the effect it has at other home shows. Thanks a lot…the show was a great success.”
Stephanie McDonald

“We recently switched to ShuBee to provide us disposable coveralls. Their coverall is equivalent to the product we were using but we were able to purchase it at a much lower price. With 410 facilities averaging 300 pieces per plant monthly, we were able to reduce our expenses by over $1,000,000 a year.”
a leading U.S. paper manufacturer

"The staff at Shubee is friendly and helpful!!!"
ABB Power T& D Company

"We are very pleased with the quality (and smell!) of your shoe covers and will continue to use them as long as you offer them."
Fred's Home Services

"I like your people that I deal with. They are very courteous and helpful. Melissa has done an excellent job for us."
Cummins Rocky Mountain

"Excellent customer service and continued follow up."
Friendly Electric

"Our sales contact Tamiko is always pleasant and helpful to our needs. Thank you Tamiko!"
Roy's Plumbing Inc

"Great staff and friendly service!!"
Stewart Plumbing Inc 

"Sometimes a little on the expensive side, guess you get what you pay for. :) Customer service people are always friendly."
Baymont Electric 

"Your company's follow up and attention to detail is excellent. You have caught my mistakes in ordering and called to confirm/correct the order"
Hill Engineering 

"A very nice company to work with. Daryl is always a pleasure to work with."
Scott Brass 

"Love the products; i know every time I order I'm going to not be disappointed in the quality, guess that's why you are a Preferred Nexstar Vendor."
Baymont Electric 

"I always get fast, friendly service. Tamiko is always a pleasure to deal with, she is friendly and pleasant! Thanks!"
Mountain Air Service America

"You guys are great - you always call me to remind me to order my floor coverings and/or shoe covers. I would forget if you didn't - thanks so much!!"
The Curran Company

"I appreciate your staff keeping me informed on new products and treating me as if I am your only customer. Any problems were resolved immediately."
Archer AC, Heating & Electrical 

"I really enjoy The Buzz newsletter!"
Doctor Drain, Inc.

"Enjoy the calls once & a while to check on stock help me to remember to reorder. Keep up the good work!"
Baymont Electric

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