ShuBee® Original Shoe Covers

ShuBee® Original Shoe Covers

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• Bigger Better® design specifically for service industry professionals 
• Prevents tracking dirt and dry debris in client’s homes 
• Stronger than other shoe covers on the market 
• Fits up to a size 18 work boot 
• Breathable, cloth-like material 
• Available in 11 different colors 
• Dispenser boxes hold 50 pair/100 shoe covers
• Cases contain 3 dispenser boxes for a total of 150 pair/300 shoe covers
• This product is included in our BeeWear® line




You’ve got big boots and you cannot lie. That doesn’t mean you should have to suffer on the job with small, inadequate shoe covers. You deserve disposable shoe booties that were made for a BIG JOB. Disposable shoe booties that work hard and still help you take care of your clients. ShuBee® disposable shoe covers are made with you in mind. You work in dry, barren lands all day and your work boots get dirty. These Original Shoe Covers are perfect for keeping your parched boots from dirtying up your client’s clean, expensive floors. You're welcome.

ShuBee® Original Shoe Covers are exactly what the name says…our Original shoe cover. Our clients refer to shoe covers in many different ways: Booties, Floor Savers, Boot Covers, ShuBee®s, ShoeBees, disposable shoe covers. We favor “ShuBee®s” of course! But ShuBee disposable shoe protectors do deserve their own name- because they are so different than the cheap shoe covers currently on the market.

Most disposable shoe booties on the market are made for light applications. ShuBee® saw the need for booties that were more durable.  We played with the construction of the booties to be comprised of much thicker material. We saw a huge impact in how long the disposable shoe booties lasted. ShuBee® disposable shoe covers may cost more than others on the market, but we believe our shoe covers should only be made from the highest quality material. But even though the cost is higher than the cheap booties, you save on quantity being used because ShuBee® Original Shoe Covers are durable and they will not rip or tear every 15 minutes of wear.  But for $0.42 a pair…you can’t beat the impact that wearing disposable shoe protectors will make. Wearing ShuBee disposable shoe protectors will be the most inexpensive marketing tool you can use in your business with the biggest visual and financial impact.

Next, we were frustrated with “sized” floor savers. We knew having to order disposable shoe booties for numerous people, all with different sized feet, was frustrating and expensive. ShuBee® disposable shoe covers allow you to focus on the job requirements, not searching for the right size bootie for every person on your team. We took the thicker ShuBee disposable shoe protectors and created a bootie that was big enough to accommodate all sizes by making them big enough to fit over an 18-sized work boot. Then we made the opening a durable elastic opening that made it easy to get over large boots or gather around the ankle for the smaller shoes.  

Lastly, most cheap booties are rolled in bags. Clients were frustrated that once they opened the bag; they didn’t have anything to keep the rest of the disposable shoe protectors organized. ShuBee® created a dispenser box that holds all the boot covers in one convenient box that you can easily leave a the entry way or take with you and store easily in your home, at your door or in your vehicle.

We took the regular disposable shoe protectors we found on the market and made them Original. We changed the thickness, size, make and packaging of our ShuBee® disposable shoe covers to address our clients' needs. You can guarantee you will see the difference in ShuBee shoe covers in comparison to other booties you can find. Let us know if you would like a sample pair to see and we will send some your way at no cost of course. We are certain you will see the difference.

ShuBee® Original Shoe covers, part of ShuBee's® BeeWear® line, are available in Red, Black, Bright Green, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, White and Camo. Seems like a lot of options, but the reasoning is simple; stand out from your competition. If you plan on wearing ShuBee® disposable shoe covers to take care of someone’s home, make sure they take notice by using a bright color they can’t miss! You can even have your logo added if you wish to take branding to the next level! Contact us to find out all the reasons why ShuBee® disposable shoe covers outshine the competition. We also offer economy shoe covers for contractors on a budget.


Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Great! Strong! Have used in water on floor. Have reused.
I’ve had one box at back door & one by front door. I love,love these. I insist my Son’s take off their boots, but they complained. So these are the compromise. They are stronger than any other cover we’ve tried. They can be reused, for us anyway. I’ve even used them in water. I’ had workmen without their own. Review by J Lee / (Posted on 9/25/2018)
Make the right impression!
Love em almost as much as my customers do! Review by Kevin / (Posted on 2/18/2018)
Original ShuBee® Shoe Covers - White
I love that these fit all shoe sizes as described, and they are not slippery. Great Product will be getting more. Review by Angela H / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Original Light Blue Shoe Covers
Item shipped quick and was exactly as described. Even got a phone call to make sure everything was OK. Awesome! I'll be putting these to good use and they'll fit my big feet! Review by Daniel M / (Posted on 11/19/2015)
Black Original Shoe Covers
Great shoe covers,i use them in my chicken coops. This company is top shelf. Review by Joseph R / (Posted on 11/18/2015)
Original White Shoe Covers
These excellent shoe covers arrived on time and were very well packaged. I've bought a few hundred shoe covers at local hardware stores for the last 15 years and these are the largest and most well-made I've seen. Review by Judith G / (Posted on 11/18/2015)
Love their shoe covers
I received a call from Brian with Shubee & told him what I needed. He showed me the items online & then he sent them out with a catalog & we have always been happy with all products that we have ordered. We & our customers, love their shoe covers! We have been customers for the past few years!
Review by A & D MECHANICAL SERVICES / (Posted on 10/26/2015)

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