Your Customers Have CMS

Ruth King
Contributing Writer
Profitability Revolution Paradigm

Scenario #1:

A client called with an issue with one of the company’s customers.  The person who signed the contract was replaced by other people months into the project.  The decisions that were made by this person were never written down anywhere – either by the person or my client.  Now the new team is questioning the work, questioning the price, and it is turning into a major headache.

If it’s not written, it didn’t happen.

Scenario #2:

How many times have your technicians said, “I told Mrs. Customer about it” when a customer calls complaining that her system is not working a month after your technician was out there?

The question you should ask, “Did you write it down?”

If the answer is no, then it didn’t happen.

Scenario #3:

Your sales person talked about extended warranties during the sales presentation.  The customer at that time decided not to invest in the extended warranty.  Her system breaks down four years after installation and she said that she had an extended warranty.  You can find no record of it nor a record that she invested in one.

Make sure she signs a spot on the proposal – and yes, signs, not a check off, that she is accepting or declining the extended warranty.

Customers have CMS – convenient memory syndrome.

They do NOT remember what your technician told them.  They have forgotten the minute he is out the door or you are off the telephone.  It MUST be in writing.

“We told you about it” doesn’t work.  You will lose that argument every time. You can’t prove that you said it.

Writing what you told a customer:

·       Protects you when there is a management change.

·       Protects you when a problem arises that the technician told the customer might happen.

·       Protects you from major headaches and expensive warranty costs.

Make sure EVERYTHING that you speak with a customer about is written.  If it isn’t, they can conveniently forget about it.  When a problem arises it’s your fault because you never told them about it.

Customers have CMS – the only thing that cures it is written conversations!

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