ShuBee Owner’s Spotlight

This is the third installment of how Steve Stone, Master Plumber and ShuBee CEO, propelled his own plumbing company to success.

Honestly, contacting my clients was trial and error at the beginning. Everybody was using the phone book, there was no internet, no googling to find plumbing companies. I had an experience with the Yellow Pages that was pretty terrifying for a new businessman. I was left out of the phone book about two years into the growth of my company. It changed my life. I couldn’t rely on the Yellow Pages as my marketing source anymore so I went out and figured out other ways to reach my clients. I had mailbox hangers created to leave on the mailboxes around the neighborhood we serviced. We created calendars with coupons on the bottom to entice new clients to contact us if they needed services or a repair. We used commercials to help target market the zip codes we serviced instead of mass advertising to areas we didn’t.

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