ShuBee® Joins the Global Shipping Market

Caryn Ethridge, ShuBee
Contributing Author

In an effort to bridge gaps in their shipping platform, ShuBee® has been working diligently to provide an international shipping solution that affords the most seamless experience possible to their clients.

Chris Hood, e-Commerce Manager at ShuBee® has been heading up this initiative for months. “One of the most exciting benefits of this new functionality on our website is that all the backend processes are completely transparent to the end user,” says Hood. “We can now provide a low-cost solution for international shipping to more than 90 countries and accept payments in many local currencies, including Canadian and Australian Dollars, British Sterling Pounds and the Euro, all directly through our website.”

The international market is a gateway to new opportunities and products that help your business thrive. But businesses have a difficult time purchasing global product due to the extensive expenses involved in the shipping process.

This assimilation will help ShuBee’s® international clients have as seamless an experience as their domestic clients. All clients “can now build their order, receive a shipping quote that includes all freight costs, duties, taxes, brokerage fees,” and receive end-to-end tracking for their packages. “The process is quicker for us and we’re actually able to deliver products to the client faster.” Hood confirmed.

This new opportunity with ShuBee® will not only lower your cost to ship but will also provide you the opportunity to “pay in your native denomination,” Hood states.

To provide the most accurate shipping rates possible to clients, Hood explains that “exchange rates are updated twice a day and all products’ tariff codes are already harmonized for international shipping”.

Simply go onto ShuBee’s® website and place your order to get one, low price that includes all fees associated with International shipping. You have nothing to worry about after your order is placed. ShuBee® will take care of the rest!

International shipping is available through ShuBee® starting September 5, 2013. Contact ShuBee® at 877.974.8233, or on their website at, for more information.

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