Critical Thinking Skills for Technicians – It’s Possible!

Ruth King
Contributing Writer
Profitability Revolution Paradigm

Technicians.  Your business would not survive without them.  Unfortunately many of them don’t have the skills to go to a customer’s home, diagnose, and fix the problem right the first time without calling your service manager or you for help.  This costs time, money, and the potential to lose a customer.

Imagine if:

• Your technicians actually thought about what they were seeing and came up with a solution that worked…on their own…without having to call your service manager 10 times a day.

• Your technicians asked the right questions of the homeowner, listened to the homeowner, found the problem and fixed that problem right the first time…rather than the symptom of the disease.

• You didn’t complain about your technicians “not knowing anything”.

• Your technicians actually thought about what they were doing rather than just jumped in…potentially costing your company hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How much more profitable would your company be?  How many more satisfied customers would you have?  How much less warranty cost would you have?

You can have this!

Most technicians, and most people, never learn how to think and solve problems in school.  They memorize and get only the information they need to pass a standardized test. Most can’t apply this knowledge out in the field in real life situations. How many people coming out of tech school are productive and profitable for you?  It takes many years of training.

You can short cuts those years – by teaching the technicians how to solve problems.  And, if they really don’t know the solution, have the basic knowledge in hand BEFORE they call for help.

Critical thinking skills are desperately needed for properly diagnosing and repairing HVAC equipment…as well as knowing when it is best to talk with a customer about replacing her system.

But, where do you turn?

• Schools don’t teach critical thinking skills

• Parents don’t teach critical thinking skills

• Techs don’t take the time to learn them on their own

Look here:

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