Congratulations Alice Bertin!

Congratulation to our Breast Cancer Warrior, Alice Bertin. Her daughter, Stephanie Passaro, sent in a story to share with us how strong and courageous her mother is. We hope we have helped a little in your fight and want to let you know you are also a role model to us here at ShuBee®.

If you didn’t get a chance to read her story in the last edition of the Buzz, here it is:

If there is such a person as Wonder Woman, her name would be Alice Bertin. Here’s her story…

Alice is my step mother and when she met my father over 22 years ago, it was true love, inseparable people. They were living life to its fullest. Then, my fathers mother dies and put them in financial crunch but it did not effect their relationship at all. Just when things were starting to settle down, my father was hit by a druck driver and sent into a stressed induced stroke. Alice and I took the situation head on…Alice nursed my father back to a healthy status but he has never regained his speech nor walked. Again, life started settling down when hurricane Katrina took their home and beauty salon, another huge set back. So living in a FEMA trailer, Alice kept her spirits positive. Then, that state removed her 4 grandchildren from their parents. She did not let that sit for long. She agreed to raise these kids. So, trying to rebuild their home, Alice took on her four grandchildren, all under age of 16, while taking excellent care of my father. Amazing, but it does not stop there. Two years ago, she developed breast cancer. During her chemo treatment, a bleeding ulcer presented itself and she started bleeding internally and then underwent another surgery.

Today, one grandchild is on college, one is still struggling and 2 are graduating high school next year. My father is exceptionally healthy and receives dialysis three times a week and she manages to keep her own doctor appointments.

I love her…she is one amazing woman and I can only hope to be half the woman she is when my time is through here on Earth.

Submitted By: Stephanie Passaro
Boyd Mechanical

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