Are You Meeting with the Right People?

Ron Smith
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To ensure profitable business relationships, HVAC contractors must develop a conducive environment for coworkers, use effective training programs and promote customer-oriented service skills. But professional business relationships extend beyond the initial support team. HVAC contractors need key outside business relationships, including:

  • Certified public accountant – You need a CPA who goes beyond simply preparing tax returns and financial reports. I encourage you to hire a CPA who works with service providers, preferably one who works with HVAC businesses. Further, your CPA should be able to offer  key insight into how to improve your company’s financials and advise you of any pending regulations that could affect your business.
  • Banker – Because of the volatile nature of the banking industry, bankers come and go. Therefore, it’s imperative to develop professional business relationships with multiple bankers and then promote personal relationships with each one of them. Knowing you personally can influence the banking decisions that they make.
  • Insurance agent – Work with an agent who will prioritize the safety of your business. Your insurance agent should keep you abreast of workers’ compensation insurance changes and make sure your business is covered — at a fair price. Ask your agent to also play safety advocate, offering a dedicated representative for safety issues and providing the necessary advice.
  • Board of Directors – While most smaller HVAC businesses have a board composed of the owner and his or her spouse, including additional board members encourages profitable growth. A few key outside board members ensures proper and often better perspective, as these people can ask questions and offer advice  that can’t be sourced from those who operate the business on a day-to-day basis.

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