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ShuBee® is more than just their great shoe covers!

Our company has deep roots in the service industry and we want to help our clients succeed just as we have. We built and sold a successful Plumbing and HVAC company and still own a plumbing company in Macon, GA. We would like to help you achieve these same opportunities.

We have specialized in providing solutions to service professionals since the turn of the century. We know first hand the obstacles you face when dealing with clients and your competition. We have always been told to be distinctive; be unique; don't sell price - sell the service.

Uniforms are expensive and depending on the use, can be worn out very quickly. At Steve Stone Services, I soon discovered that many of my original concerns were needs for many service & manufacturing professionals. I realized I could share my 30-years of knowledge of marketing and growing a successful service company while selling the products that helped my business grow. This discovery led to the founding of ShuBee.

At ShuBee®, our Service Consultants offer their knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business. They know what will help set you apart from your competition and can advise you on how and which ShuBee® products can help you grow your business.

To Your Success!

Steve Stone
Owner, ShuBee, Inc.


ShuBee’s® Mission:

To be the industry leader in products, services and solutions that transform the way Service companies maintain and grow their business. With a commitment to establishing partnerships and encouraging continual improvement in the workplace with integrity.


ShuBee’s® Motto:

Our Motto is “We are Service Professionals serving Service Professionals.” As service professionals, we treat our clients and each other with respect and dignity.

The Hive

The ShuBee HIVE:

H – Honor

We honor God in all we do. We honor our word – satisfaction guaranteed, no matter what. We honor our client, understand we are employed by our clients, not our company.

I – Integrity

Making only agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep. Treating others only as you want to be treated. Taking the time to do it right the first time.

V – Value

We understand the needs of our clients & exceeding their expectations, both expressed & unexpressed. Every relationship is invaluable, starting with our employees. Quality products, price and service.

E – Excellence

Service Professionals serving Service Professionals. Challenge & encourage each other. Constantly striving to increase value in our products and service.



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