How can we make you smile today?TM

ShuBee® is more than just their great shoe covers!

My name is Steve Stone and I am the owner of ShuBee®. ShuBee® evolved from my own experiences owning and running a Plumbing and HVAC company. My staff and I truly understand the hurdles you go through each day.  I started my business the same way you probably did - with one truck and a dream. Fortunately, I started networking. I began associating with successful professionals and grew our business to 32 vehicles and $5.5 million in sales.

The ShuBee® products we have designed are the same products I used to help my plumbing and HVAC business reach my vision. ShuBee® offers the tools needed to show value to your customers and give your technicians pride in their jobs. It's a fact that customers perceive value from what they can see. Our products are specifically designed for "sight to gain attention". 

We know you can buy your shoe covers and other sight to gain attention products anywhere. Here are some of the many advantages of buying with ShuBee®:

We want to share our knowledge with you. Why? It's simple - if you grow, we grow. We've helped thousands of business owners just like you. We have knowledge specific to your industry and your customers. 

We can help you grow your business while cutting your yellow page advertising. We can tech you how to use our products the right way and offer marketing solutions to shrink what you may be spending on old and outdated phone book ads. 

We are here for the long haul. We are committed to helping you drive your business to the next level. We gladly take new product requests and have a goal of adding the products you need to our catalog. 

Give us five minutes of your time and we will share our experiences with you and show you the products that will blow the doors off your competition. Feel free to call me personally or contact one of our Service Consultants today. 

It's a great day at ShuBee®, how can we make YOU smile today?

To Your Success! 
Steve Stone 
Chief Energy Officer and Owner


ShuBee’s® Mission:

To be the industry leader in products, services and solutions that transform the way service companies maintain and grow their business. With a commitment to establishing partnerships and encouraging continual improvement in the workplace with integrity.


ShuBee’s® Motto:

"We are Service Professionals serving Service Professionals.” 


ShuBee’s® Basics:

  1. Our motto is "We are Service Professionals serving Service Professionals." As service professionals, we treat our clients and each other with respect and dignity.
  2. The H.I.V.E. is the foundation of ShuBee's® customer satisfaction. These standards must be used in every interaction to ensure satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
  3. Our mission statement is the principle belief of our company. It must be known, owned and exercised by all.
  4. Company objectives are communicated to all employees. It is everyone’s responsibility to support them.
  5. It is the responsibility of each employee to create a work environment of teamwork by motivating and encouraging each other to go above and beyond so that the needs of our clients and each other are met.
  6. To create a pleasant and enjoyable workplace, all employees have the right to be involved in the planned of the work that affects them.
  7. Each employee is empowered.
  8. All employees will successfully complete training for their position.
  9. Never lose a client. Instant client gratification is the responsibility of each employee. Whoever receives a complaint will own it, resolve it to the client’s satisfaction and record it.
  10. Use ShuBee® telephone etiquette. Answer within three rings and with a smile. The clients should hear your smile. Always have a live person answer the phone.
  11. Be an ambassador of ShuBee® in and outside of the workplace. Always speak positively. Communicate any concerns to the appropriate person.
  12. Cleanliness and safety are the responsibility of every employee.
  13. Take pride in and care of your personal appearance. Everyone is responsible to convey a professional image by adhering to ShuBee’s® dress code.
  14. Protecting the assets of ShuBee® is the responsibility of every employee. Conserve energy and properly maintain our building. 

The Hive

The ShuBee HIVE:

H – Honor

We honor God in all we do.
Honor our word – satisfaction guaranteed, no matter what.
Honor our client, understand we are employed by our clients, not our company.

I – Integrity

Making only agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep.
Treating others only as you want to be treated.
Taking the time to do it right the first time.

V – Value

We understand the needs of our clients & exceeding their expectations, both expressed & unexpressed.
Every relationship is invaluable, starting with our employees.
Quality products, price and service.

E – Excellence

Service Professionals serving Service Professionals.
Challenge & encourage each other.
Constantly striving to increase value in our products and service.



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